Creating GTFS Feeds for Future Scenario Public Transit Network Dataset

02-14-2024 10:05 AM
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First, I would like to thank all members of the Esri community for their invaluable support over the years. 


I'm working on a project that involves creating future scenario GTFS feeds to model the accessibility impact of a proposed transit line. I'm wondering if there are any case studies or examples of people who have done something similar. Based on my knowledge of the "Create Public Transit Network Dataset" tool, I need to create at least three GTFS files text with data for the new line, and I'm not sure if there are any tools out there that can streamline the process.

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Hi Ryland.  We don't have any tools within the ArcGIS platform that can help you create full GTFS feeds for proposed changes, unfortunately.  Maybe another reader will have a suggestion, but my sense is that this is probably not the right forum to find help.

Regarding how to configure your proposed changes, you have two separate ways you can think about this:

  1. Create a separate GTFS dataset for each scenario, and a separate network dataset for each.
  2. Create a single GTFS dataset that has the proposed changes in it and a corresponding network dataset, and turn on/off service for certain routes/trips for each analysis.

If the changes are self-contained (like removing trips from a route or adding an entirely new route), option 2 would work okay.  You can create travel modes for each scenario that configure the supported parameters on the Public Transit evaluator:  Those can be used to turn on/off service on routes and trips.

But if the changes are at all complicated, it's easier to create separate networks for each.

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Thanks as always for your help Melissa!

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