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02-16-2015 04:09 PM
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Hi guys!


I want to produce a dataset that displays routes from firms to customs. Specifically, I want the dataset to display which states of the USA the route passes through and the lenght of the road for each state. I have tried the OD Cost Matrix, but it does not give details about the routes. I am currently using the Closest Facility analysis but when I load the locations for Facilities and Incidents, I lose a lot of attributes from the original data, such as the number of the state (state unique identifier). This identifier is crucial because after producing the dataset I will use it to do some analysis in Stata, but loading incidents and facilities is automatically losing a lot of attributes. Any recommendations on how to keep all attributes?


I see in my route table that there are Indident and Fcility identifiers, but how could I know for all the data which is which? I mean, I have a lot of records and seeing "Facility 2" means nothing. I want to know which state is each location in and so on.


Thank you very much for your help!


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Hi Melinda!

So happy to see you write the following: "There's a way you can use field mapping with the RouteName field to specify which pairs of points should be on the same route which I can describe in further detail if this is what you're trying to do."

This relates to an analysis process I am trying to do. I am taking an OD matrix and trying to find the actual routes between the points so the number of bike trips that cross each road segment can be summed. Currently, my dataset contains about 6,000 records of these paired origin and destination routes, specified with a route name, and number of bike trips along the route. As you see, some of the origin points are duplicated as they can connect to different destination points. 

origin destination

My question then is: how do I load these into the New Route network analysis and Solve so all of the origins (which there may be many multiples of) connect to the assigned destination (which there may be many multiples of)? The dataset I am working with only has one point record for each origin or destination zone. The whole city was broken down into small zones and I converted those unique zones (ie. zone 35300040) to points. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

- Sibel

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