cluster point (order) in vrp route

01-15-2023 10:59 PM
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Hi everyone, I hope you are always in good health
if you don't mind let me ask

I have several project routes running, and am having trouble with ungrouped routes. I have used the zone route and the results were not what I expected, the expected effectiveness includes:

- Unfilled orders are prioritized the next day without placing orders
- Priority order based on the biggest request
- Minimizing the use of vehicles when orders are small

I want to use the tools service in arcgis desktop, but the tools can't be implemented in REST API due to license constraints. The tool that I will use is the "Grouping Analyst", where the tool functions as a point cluster based on the order of the fields.

If I may, I want to ask about the best solution to the problem I'm facing right now. Thank you

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I am having a hard time understanding your question. Could you provide some more details about what you are doing and the problem you are trying to solve? 

Things that would be helpful:

- What software are you using when you say desktop? ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap?

- What prevents you from translating this to Rest API 

- Are you using the Vehicle Routing Problem layer, Grouping Analysis, or some other tool?

- How many routes are there?

- How many orders are there?

- What is the order priority based on? The quantity associated with the order? 

- Are you solving multiple days at once or taking the unassigned orders from the previous day and adding them to the current solve?

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sorry if my question is difficult to understand.

- the device I used to complete VRP is arcgis 10.5, and Current Version: 10.51 for arcgis server

- The clustering analyzer tool is not available in the REST API, and I'm trying to build a simpler tool with the DBSCAN method (maybe this will help)

- Existing routes up to 13

- stable orders less than 300, but when beyond that the route becomes very irregular

-Order priority based on the largest order quantity

- I realize that it is impossible to handle large orders in one day, considering the depot's limited opening hours and limited vehicles. but what is expected is the Order that was not allocated on the previous day when the order was raised to priority the next day (if there is a renewal route, the minimum order is on the first renewal)

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