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Network Analysis Server not identified by ArcGIS Monitor

04-29-2024 09:51 PM
Occasional Contributor

I have some Network Analysis Services hosted on my ArcGIS Server, but those services are not identified at ArcGIS Monitor. What Possibly went wrong?

Mani Jauhari

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Double check and ensure everything is connected (zoom way in if you need to) and make sure you have endpoint and vertex connectivity. I've also had an issue where I make a new feature as part of an existing feature class, but because it has no length, it doesn't compute as an edge on which to travel. So you may try calculating feature length and see if that helps. I think for my project, I just ended up editing an existing line and reshaping it to connect to a point off the line, but that probably wouldn't work in your case.

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Esri Contributor

Network Analysis is a capability of a map service.  The stats will be aggregated and reported for all capabilities. Do you see this map service?