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04-04-2024 06:03 AM
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I have ArcGIS Monitor 2023.3.1 installed and am currently having some issues connecting to a remote PostgreSQL database. When I look at Task Manager I normally see (6) arcgis-monitor.exe processes when everything is working. But when I cannot connect to the database I either have (2) or (3) of the arcgis-monitor.exe processes running. Usually it brings up (2) processes and then the third after about 1 minute. The last three can take several minutes to start. It would help with troubleshooting if there is any information on what is happening internally to get all six of the arcgis-monitor.exe processes active. 

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To add information on this, after running for several days we will have issues connecting to the database,  when looking at the ArcGIS Monitor Server, only (5) of the arcgis-monitor.exe services are running. I checked with the database admin and there were 236 sessions running for the database account. At this point we have to kill all of the connections to get Monitor Server to connect back to the postgres database.

 Also, ArcGIS agent will go from (4) arcgis.monitor.exe services to (3) and will no longer register any metrics with the server. This normally just requires restarting the agent service, but I would like to have some better clarity on what is happening with the connections if possible.

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by Esri Contributor
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Hey @Pat_Gallagher ,

This issue requires a more in-depth look. Could you open a case with support?