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11-21-2022 08:43 PM
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Hi there,

Just wondering if someone could help me interpret some stats on a report. The server in question has 64GB Virtual - 32GB phys and 32GB page file. When running an excel report for 7 days I see stats like this for a process

Total Virtual(Gb)UsedVirtual(Gb)P95UsedVirtual(Gb)MaxMin(%)Avg(%)p5(%)p95(%)Max(%)Uptime(%)



and I'm having a hard time interpreting what its telling me - I understand that 95% of the values are under 1542GB but I'm not clicking as to where that figure is coming from and how it relates back to the process in question. Has it used that much virtual mem over the 7 days? Is it an issue with the report?



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Hello @FraserHand 

The numbers you indicate are the % of memory utilization?

Can you attach a screenshot, since the table does not look sorted (you could copy it and sort it, but I could omit or merge some data, so it is best to have the original source).

What value are you querying? % Utilization Memory, % Utilization Virtual, Virtual Memory Free GB etc.

For example.

In the categories > infrastructure section you can view the server tracking for memory use.


It is similar to when you make a report. Displaying the data in percentage.


Each time the tracking is performed, a data is taken. This is stored and helps averaging.

In my case, it can be inferred that the server occupies more RAM, minimize the number of instances or group services, to consume less RAM.

Monitor Help.

• Min: The lowest value of samples in the selected time range.
• Avg: The average of all sample values in the selected time range.
• P5: The fifth percentile. Five percent of the values are under this value.
• P50: The fiftieth percentile. Fifty percent of the values are under value.
• P90: The Ninetieth percentile. Ninety percent of the values are under value.
• P95: The Ninetieth-fifth percentile. Ninety-five percent of the values are under value.
• P99: The Ninetieth-ninth percentile. Ninety-nine percent of the values are under value.
• Max: The highest value of samples in the selected time range.
• Sum: The total accumulated number from adding up all samples in the time range.
• Samples: The number of data points collected in the selected time range.
• Coverage %: The actual number of samples in the time range divided by the expected
number of samples. Expressed as a percentage.


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Sorry the tab is ProcessVirtualMem

The machine has 32GB phys and a 32GB paging file - for a 7 day report this is what Monitor reports:



The same data on the ProcessPhysicalMem tab looks quite different - for the same process


So I'm trying to work out how a process is using 1183GB of virtual mem on the 95% or 3780 for max. 


EDIT - I think I know whats going on - looking at the process on the server there are multiple processes running so it must be summing the usage up for all of them and reporting on that value - which makes sense. Thanks for the reply

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