ArcGIS Monitor Windows Services crashing randomly

11-15-2022 08:01 AM
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We have ArcGIS Monitor 10.8.1 running on a Windows Server 2016 machine. The services related to monitor crash randomly. The time between crashes varies from a few days to several weeks, but it seems to be increasing in frequency. We have 4 configured Monitor services plus the main Monitor server service running. They all seem to crash within a few minutes of each other, and Windows event viewer gives the following warnings in the application logs at the time of the crashes.

For the configured Monitor services:

Child process [7644 - D:\ArcGIS Monitor\Administrator\resources\app\collector\node.exe --harmony "D:\ArcGIS Monitor\Administrator\resources\app\node_modules\node-windows\lib\wrapper.js" --file "D:\ArcGIS Monitor\Administrator\resources\app\collector\server.js" --log "ArcGIS Monitor Service Prod wrapper" --grow 0.25 --wait 10 --maxrestarts 15 --abortonerror n] finished with 1

For the main server service:

Child process [4796 - D:\ArcGIS Monitor\Server\node.exe --harmony "D:\ArcGIS Monitor\Server\node_modules\node-windows\lib\wrapper.js" --file "D:\ArcGIS Monitor\Server\app.js" --log "ArcGIS Monitor Server wrapper" --grow 0.25 --wait 1 --maxrestarts 3 --abortonerror n] finished with 1

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