ArcGIS Monitor now showing in Windows Services

11-16-2022 10:37 AM
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I am in the process of creating my first connection in ArcGIS Monitor (10.8.1). I am running a single machine deployment on Windows. I am getting a token error and am using Port 444, which I know is not in use by any other things. The first bullet in the following help doc says to make sure that ArcGIS Monitor is running in the Windows Services. However, when I checked it looks like ArcGIS Monitor isn't even listed in the Windows Services. Why would this be and how can I get past the token error?

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Hello @moremeowbell 

ArcGIS Monitor is a tool divided in two, the desktop in which the counters are created and the web where you can view the monitoring and reporting.

When the installation is done, a service is created in Windows which allows the execution of the application, and each counter created will have an associated service.


The (ArcGIS Monitor Service) service execution makes it possible to access the web application.
URL: https://servidor.dominio.local:port

And configure the connection from the desktop application.

If you dont have the service in Windows, you could uninstall it, verify the documentation and requirements, then install it again. Alternatively, you can describe the process step by step, so you can contrast the process performed with the indicated in the documentation.


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Thank you, an uninstall is the only thing I could get to do the trick!

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