Recreational vessel density distance travelled

09-27-2022 05:55 AM
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a relative density map of recreational boats using:

  1. the number of boats at a boat ramp
  2. the boat length classes
  3. the average distance travelled offshore for each boat length class.

For example, I have 100 boats at boat ramp A and 20 boats are in the 5-10m length class. The average distance travelled by the 5-10m length class is 30 kilometers.

Since I don’t know where exactly the boats go, I assume that each ocean grid cell is equally likely. However, the boat can’t travel on the mainland or through islands so those cells must be excluded.

I’ve read a report that says they used a simple propagation model to propagate from the boat ramp into the ocean grid cells but I’m unclear how to do that in ArcGIS Pro.

Any ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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This question isn't directly related to our maritime products, and I'm trying to think of a forum you could post this in that might be more useful. If your question is about excluding grid cells that are over land, could you select by location and delete grid cells that intersect land? Or, add a field to the grid cells and calculate a value for ones that are over water vs. over land and use that to determine which cells are appropriate? I might be misunderstanding your question though. 

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