Announcement for Qt developers targeting Android 6.0

08-12-2016 03:54 PM
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Starting with Android 6 (marshmallow), Google has moved away from OpenSSL to their own SSL implementation called BoringSSL. This affects all Qt developers targeting Android 6 and later, as and are no longer available from Android, causing https requests to fail in Qt applications. The solution suggested at this time by The Qt Company is to compile these libraries and package them in the APK with the ANDROID_EXTRA_LIBS qmake variable. For example, you could build the two libraries from OpenSSL, copy them into your Android kit’s lib folder, and then add the following line to your project's *.pro file:

android {
    ANDROID_LIBS = $$dirname(QMAKE_QMAKE)/../lib
        $$ANDROID_LIBS/ \

This suggestion is applicable to any Qt developer targeting Android 6, whether using ArcGIS Runtime for Qt or not. Therefore, if you are using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt, this suggestion is applicable whether you are using 10.2.5, 10.2.6, or Quartz (which is currently in beta). See the Qt documentation for further details on how to build OpenSSL and integrate the binaries into your project. In addition, licensing requirements for OpenSSL can be reviewed at  and

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