Error when compiling to Illustrator Layers

08-12-2022 01:52 PM
New Contributor

Hey all,

I am a newbie here. I just got started with ArcGIS Maps for CC today. I was able to import a web map I created in ArcGIS Online, but I keep getting the same error when trying to sync/compile to Illustrator layers. The error is as follows:

ERROR: Unable to load status: 504

Normally a 504 is a gateway timeout, so I don't know if this is an issue on my end or the server end. In each case, the progress shows 10% immediately but never changes before the error pops up and compilation stops.

Is my internet connection too slow? Is my map too complicated (it has a bunch of DNR shape layers for Wisconsin, including stream paths)? Any other thoughts? Do I not have access to that functionality with a free trial?

Thanks in advance for any clarity!

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