Compatibility - Latest version Illustraotor 25.4.1

08-11-2021 07:30 PM
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Are you planning to publish the compatible version any soon?

If yes when?

There has been several Illustrator/Photoshop updates since the current version of ArcGICS plugin was released.

Thank you in advance.

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I have received via email several kudos and other contents concerning this post.

No concret response for over one month I think.

Congrats for your assistance and support indeed splendid collaboration with users.

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I too would like to know when there will be a compatible version as well. I have Illustrator 25.4.1 and Photoshop 22.5, so Maps for Adobe 3.0 won't install for me. I'm getting an error saying I don't have the right version. This same issue has happened to me before when Illustrator and Photoshop updated versions over the summer.

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An update to support Illustrator version 25.3 and later is now available for windows. Please see this article for more info and install instructions.

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