What do you think of the World Ecological Land Units Map and Layers?

02-12-2015 10:07 AM
Esri Contributor

Before you answer, be sure to get a full introduction and try out this content:

  1. Read the ArcNews article in the Winter 2014/2015 issue, which offers the fastest introduction to the broadest audience.
  2. Explore a Tapestry of World Ecosystems Story Map‌.
  3. Explore the Ecological Tapestry of the World App: . This is for those who want to see and start exploring the data. This app shows the ELU map, and provides the values from the more detailed supporting data when you click on the map.
  4. PowerPoint from the Town Hall presentation by Roger Sayre (USGS) and Dawn Wright (Esri) at the ACES Conference in Washington DC on Dec 10, 2014: link
  5. Full AAG Publication: This is a "must read", and the best way to gain deeper understanding about this idea and why it is important.
  6. Get started using this content in ArcGIS (you will need to sign into your ArcGIS Online for Organizations subscription): esriurl.com/landscape, then search this group for ecophysiography to show only the global layers that include the ecological land units content and nearly 20 additional global layers that support analysis and discovery in many ecologically related areas.

Please share ideas for what you could yourself or your organization using this content to do, ideas for improving it. Be optimistic and constructive; this is early in the genesis of applying this kind of approach; we are committed to making it valuable to you.

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