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Out-of-the box Knowledge Graphs of Enterprise and ArcGIS Online Content and Relationships

07-25-2022 08:10 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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I was so impressed by this DevSummit 2022 Plenary application of using Knowledge to provide high visibility of Enterprise content and relationships, that I think this needs to be an out of the box solution of ArcGIS Knowledge - no setup of webhooks, python, or notebooks needed. I also talked to several at the Knowledge booth at the UC and several thought this was a great idea.

Since the inception of web GIS , I have had questions such as, "who\what\where is impacted if I delete this service?" "What happens downstream if X happens?" Knowledge solves this problem and it would be wonderful if this was a out of the box solution that came with the platform without too much setup needed. It would be preferable to have a option for this to work with both Enterprise and ArcGIS Online as a lot of organizations have both, and obviously the Graphs would need to stay in sync with content changes. So many people I know when I explain this idea say, "Yes, I need that." It would certainly make my life easier.


Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thanks @COSPNWGuy for the feedback and suggestion. I agree that exposing the ArcGIS portal item relationships within a knowledge graph as part of your IT Change Management workflows could be a valuable way to quickly assess risk, and this has come up several times with different customers. Our Esri professional services team has developed a project and some python code to help to streamline turning your portal information into an ArcGIS Knowledge graph for these purposes in the mean time if you have the option of pursuing that route (@BenNadler @JeffScarmazzi).  I have also logged your feedback and shared with the core Enterprise and Online teams on the best way to support this need within their products! . I'd recommend sharing your idea in those product forums as well!


Hey @AdamMartin,

This is great news. I have done as you suggested and posted the idea in those spaces as well. For those of you wanting to upvote also go to:

Out-of-the-box Knowledge Graphs of Enterprise Content and Relationships 

Out-of-the box Knowledge Graphs for ArcGIS Online Content and Relationships