WAB - deploying stock widget gives nls error

03-27-2023 06:17 AM
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Im trying to give some custom functionality to a stock webAppbuilder widget for our enterprise client. The implementation was simple and it works on my local development environment. But if i deploy a widget to a portal, and I try using the widget, there is a problem. The dojo loader is trying to load a non existing url/file. So it previously loads the strings.js and strings.js from the localized folder. But then for some reason it aslso wants to load:  "widgetfolder/nls/strings", that obviously doesn't exist. It never tries loading this on local dev!

I tried deploying a stock WAP AddData widget with no modifications version 2.21 (same as used by the enterprise portal 10.9.1) and the problem is the same.

How is it, that even the stock widgets from WAB development with the same version don't work on enterprise portal? 





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