JSAPI 4.x Modal Dialog

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08-28-2020 07:40 AM
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What's the best way for me to present a modal dialog to a client once everything has loaded that the user must accept before they can use my app? The closest thing I could find in the JSAPI 4.x was the popup widget but I'm looking for a blocking dialog that requires the user to basically read and accept the disclaimers of the application before it can be used.

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Thanks Robert Scheitlin, GISP, I was going to use the Calcite-Web one but wondered if there was an Esri JSPAI Widget that could be used for the purpose and I just didn't know about it.

It would be ideal if it there was one so that I could be assured it would adhere to the specified JSAPI theme.

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  I don't think that esri will create such low level layout/form elements. That is completely on the individual developer.