Incorrect visualization PictureMarkerSymbol in WebGL (arcgis js api 4.11, 4.10)

05-29-2019 04:48 AM

I detected issue with incorrect visualization of PictureMarkerSymbol. Url property is image data encoded in base64. Behavior of this issue undefined. 
Condition for search crashed picture: many objects with large sizes, arcgis js api 4.10, 4.11
I created example on jsfiddle

Issue visualization I attached.

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I had the same issue with this last summer: Feature Layer incorrect rendering with webgl rendering and picture marker symbols and it was resolved with 4.9.

A couple of bug reports were filed about it: 

#BUG-000115988 Picture Marker Symbols in Feature Layer are unable to display with WebGL enabled when imageData of the symbol stored at REST Endpoint is lengthy.


#BUG-000115991 Picture marker symbols in FeatureLayer with WebGL enabled display as jumbled when using more than 10 unique value categories to symbolize points.

You may want to open a support ticket with Esri and have them look at this again if you're seeing the same issues because it looks like the exact same thing we were experiencing with 4.8.

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