Inconsistent click location when using the Directions Widget

04-15-2024 02:46 PM
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Hi - I have noticed inconsistencies with map click locations when zoomed in, when using the Directions Widget from the JavaScript Maps SDK (v 4.29). This issue has also been in earlier 4.X versions of the API.

Not exactly sure what is going on, but if you add a stop by clicking on the map, depending where you click the stop gets added at a different location to where you click. This is particularly noticeable when zoomed in, but I suspect it also happens when zoomed out - it is just hard to tell exactly where you click.

For example:


Interestingly though the offset is not consistent; 50m up the road, you get this result:


Not sure if this is some sort of coordinate system thing? The MapView is in web mercator, perhaps the Directions widget uses WGS 84 lat / long? Given the inconsistent nature of the offsetting, I would have thought this was unlikely.

Or perhaps it is trying to do something funky with the reverse geocoded address - moving the map click point to the located address (or similar).

Anyway it is pretty annoying. Is anyone getting the same results and/or know of a workaround?


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