FeatureLayer in sceneview renders polygons wrong

01-30-2023 12:39 PM
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I have drawing issues with a featurelayer(polygons) only when in sceneview though. There is no problem when using mapview. You can see the problem in this jsfiddle.

The polygons in the NE corner of the quad are colored as green down near the colorado river. They should be red. Like the small ones in the extreme NE corner.  Changing to MapView in the code resolves the issue. Perhaps a bug?

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Hi @JayHill 
Looks like a bug indeed, thanks for reporting! 

Btw results differ in MapView and SceneView because, in case of large and complex polygons, the API uses different algorithms for 2D and 3D to determine the fills and holes. 

We'll investigate it. 

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