Draw sector of circle on map

01-04-2022 09:02 AM
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I've been searching for a way to draw a portion of a circle on the map. For example, if you want to portray where someone is looking - they are at coordinates X, Y; looking northeast; with a field of view of 90 degrees.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there, 

Perhaps you will find this sample useful: https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/latest/sample-code/sandbox/?sample=featurelayerview-query-g...

Circle is drawn on the map. It can be moved and resized after it is created. Please take a look atet drawBufferPolygon function in particular. 



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I recently did something similar using the JS API CIMSymbol.  Here's a simple CodePen showing the concept: https://codepen.io/john-grayson/pen/dyVjomE 

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