Angular events disagrees w/ ES Modules graphics

04-20-2021 05:06 AM
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Good morning,

I've been in touch w/ support on this issue and they have confirmed that it exists but angular is out of there scope. So really hoping for some dev help (or very knowledgeable user help!).

I have a couple cases. The first is that I need to draw a polygon INSIDE a http response. The polygon creation seems to work but it doesn't show up on the map until you zoom in/out. It looks like some sort of event race condition would be my guess.

The other case is very similar, I have a graphic that gets redrawn on regular intervals from input of a websocket. Normally this works, but if I add rotation to the graphic, it suffers the same issue where you have to zoom in/out in order for it to show up temporarily (before it is moved again).

I've attached a zip file of the polygon case.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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@JohnWyant which API modules are you using, e.g. arcgis-js-api or @arcgis/core? Try testing with our "next" build: We fixed a bug at 4.19 that sounds similar. 4.19 will be in production later this week or next week.

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@AndyGup @arcgis/core is what I was using for 4.18. 

I just tested @next/v4.19 and it does resolve both of the issues.


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