Breaking Change Alert – No More Tasks

04-19-2022 10:18 AM
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This just in from our EC (Esri Community) correspondent in the field:


“Thanks, narrator. We’ve had a bit of breaking news here around some breaking changes for version 4.24 (summer release) of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. It looks like all those Tasks that have been deprecated since version 4.20, and the Portal helper methods that have been deprecated since version 4.21, are going to be removed entirely at the next release.

The recommended way forward is to update to using the relevant rest classes and objects. There’s an entire blog available for our readers that goes into more detail here:

And there’s a great video from René Rubalcava that clearly explains the story here:

I’ve also been given information that these changes are already available for our users to test using `next` via CDN and NPM:

We’re also hearing that users are invited to comment here, or on the ArcGIS blog, with any questions or concerns they might have. Now, back to you in the studio.”


Well folks, you heard it here first (or second). At version 4.24, no more Tasks. Let’s just hope that rest, is up to the task.

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