Media App | Timeline: Playing the Timeline (Show Features Progressively) Isn't Honored from Webmap

03-21-2024 10:05 AM
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In my webmap, I have set the time settings and opt to play the timeline progressively and save the webmap.  When I view this webmap in the Media Instant App, the timeline always reverts back to "show current interval" and will only play the timeline in that.  Anybody else pulling out their hair with this issue?

Saved setting in webmap:



What it always looks like in the Media Instant App, with the timeline playing not with the progressive functionality:





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@ArmstKP  It looks like there is an issue with the time slider in the Media Map template, specifically related to showing features progressively.  You could use the Slider template. It contains a time slider and correctly picks up the webmap's settings. It also has more control over the slider settings. 

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