Instant Basic Map App not working on Safari 2024

02-13-2024 03:18 PM
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I have created a basic instant app using a map made by another member of my organization. I successfully embedded the HTML into our WIX website. Two days ago, I had no trouble viewing the map-app both directly from the arcgis website and in my WIX website. As of now, the app will not load at all from either the WIX or arcgis websites (completely blank white page) in Safari, but it does still load in Chrome and Firefox. I have updated my computer and tried closing and reopening Safari many times. I also tried making a new app from the same source material, as well as messing with nearly every setting within the instant app options. None of these solutions worked. For now, I just put a disclaimer on the website saying that the map is only visible on certain browsers, but I am very frustrated that it was working and now it isn't. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to fix this.

Here is the link to my app:


Thank you!

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Just tested using Safari on my Mac,  my iPhone 13 (latest software update), the iOS simulator on my mac using iPhone 14 with iOS16.2 and it works for me in all of those environments. 

Are you able to reproduce this issue with multiple devices/machines?  Do you have any extensions enabled in Safari? If so try disabling them to see if it resolves the issue. 

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Hm.... I tested it on my iPad and phone just now and it worked. I had assumed if it didn't work on my computer, it wasn't going to work anywhere. I removed the only extension I had in safari and that did not resolve the issue on my computer. I also just tried to clear all history and that didn't fix it. Interesting that this is a just my computer problem.  Thank you for trying it!! 

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