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Instant App Search Function not finding single digit numbers

4 weeks ago
New Contributor

Search function is working, I've played around with a ton of settings. However, if I search for "District 1" it will only suggest districts with 2 or more digit numbers, i.e. District 10, 11, 12...100, and it will not suggest "District 1" nor will it find it when search is deployed--it will by default go to District 10. Same issue occurs with other numbers as well, if I type in "2" or "District 2" it will only find District 20, 21, 22...200. The only time the single digits will appear is if I type in "District "...the moment I add a number it ignores the single digits. I've even increased the limit to the number of "suggestions" and it even if I max out the number of suggestions, it will not suggest nor find "District 1" even if I type exactly "District 1". If I select "Exact Match" toggle on then it requires that I type in "District" in order to find the number. So weird. Only work around I can come up with is to add an additional numeric field with just the district number, then tag that as the search field and the other field i.e. the one that holds "District 1" etc. as the display field. Seems inefficient though...why wouldn't it identify "District 1" if I type it in like that, it shouldn't go to "District 10" when I search for "District 1".

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