Edit function in attachment viewer does not work

02-20-2024 04:24 AM
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We experience strange behaviour of an attacment viewer app. We have enabeled editing. We want users to edit some attributes. When enabling editing, an edit-button appears when clicking at a feature. So far, so good.


I am administrator in our organization. I can edit.
We have tried to edit with the other following user types

  • Creator
  • Editor
  • Field worker
  • Viewer

With Viewer, the edit symbol is not visible.

With the three other user types, we kan open and edit attributes and save. No errors. But nothing is saved. We see no changes in data.
I tried to build a simple experience builder application to do the same edit operations. There, it works with creator and editor user type. I have not tested with Field worker. Seem like a bug to me?`Anyone who has experienced same strange behaviour?


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