Sidebar app - Support editing/adding related records

09-23-2021 11:18 AM
Status: Open
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The new "Sidebar" Instant App brings a new and simplified web editing experience, especially for our users who are not frequent users of GIS tools. My team and I are excited to switch some of our editing apps over to this. As always though, an enhancement request 🙂

A common request I see during the UC, Esri Community, and in our organization is an increasing need for ways to interact with, view, and edit related tables in a web environment. For us, this is especially true as we continue to deploy Field Maps, which make use of related tables for 1 to many things like assets to inspections. 

A common question from our Field Maps users is... how do I view or make changes back in the office after collecting these inspections in the field? Presently, the only way that I know of which supports both editing and adding related records in a web environment is via the Smart Editor widget in WAB, or by using the Crowdsource Manager configurable app (but which is otherwise very limited in functionality).

I think the new Sidebar Instant App presents a great opportunity to add this functionality to the current set of Edit tools. 

Example I made in Paint...


Thank you!

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@BrittanyBurson, I couldn't agree more with this enhancement request! I hope Esri takes this into consideration for a future release. The ability to view, edit and filter related table information is essential to so many geospatial workflows.