Spatial Filtering in ArcGIS Insigths

09-12-2023 10:34 AM
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I have the point features in the different different polygons, if i selected the polygon that inside related points need to show, accordingly the remaining card results need to change. If i do spatial filter for selected polygon inside features only displaying . What my expectation is not working. Anyone can suggest me please

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Hi @RamaRaomalisetti,

I don't have an answer for you, unfortunately. However, I'm hopeful someone else will be able to help with this question. To clarify, you want to be able to filter polygons (e.g., select only a certain county out of many) and then have point features inside of that polygon also be selected (e.g., cities and towns)? 

Apologies if I'm misunderstanding. 

Using my county (polygon file) to cities (points) example...

You could create a Predefined Filter on your points layer using a column containing the county names. Then you wouldn't ever need to click on a county/polygon. You could place the county layer beneath the points. 

One solution, but I'm sorry if I'm totally misinterpreting the question or if it doesn't help. I hope someone else can respond and provide a solution soon. 

Thanks for using ArcGIS Insights and thanks for using Esri Community to ask your questions. 



Ian Muehlenhaus
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@RamaRaomalisetti adding to what @Ian_Muehlenhaus said, to serve you better please clarify your workflow or maybe add the steps you are doing with screenshots.

Akshay Harshe
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