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Print Predesigned Report from Dashboard

03-01-2024 05:06 AM
Status: Open
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I have been creating Insights Reports for my organization and sharing them out as a desktop style dashboard for users to explore their data.  The ability for the viewer to flip a card and export their filtered tables is very nice, but I have been getting requests for a print option.  I know I can use the report designer to build a layout and print as requested, but my coworkers would greatly benefit from having an option to print the report designer's report for themself from the dashboard report.

This idea  was already put out in the ArcGIS Insights Questions, but I wanted to echo it here.  Using the workaround to create a dashboard designed for printing would be an option, but I would much rather see a dashboard with a print button that brings up the report designers output.

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Hi @Eric_Castonguay,

Thanks for formally submitting this as an idea. Yes, this has been asked several times by different customers and I will take this to the management to see if we can prioritize this.