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10-22-2021 12:59 AM
Status: Open
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Allow change basemaps in shared application by any end user. Now, the user can view only one basemap (defined by the app author), but can't change to another basemaps from for example AGOL, PFA, Living atlas, ...

See trivial suggestion on picture below:

Change basemaps by user.png

Thanks inf advance.

Martin Tejkal

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Hi !
This would be a good enhancement to allow default basemap selection within the app settings versus the portal settings. It is set up so the editor/report creator defines the style, and the viewers of shared pages can interact but not change stylistic elements.

Currently, as an editor you are able to change the default basemap per page within an insights workbook, and you can change the basemap on individual maps within a page. These basemap options are defined by your basemaps group in your portal.

To change the basemap for a full page in a workbook:

  1.  Make sure no cards are selected on you page, go to basemap selection in top right
  2. Select your basemap


This will update all existing maps on your page to have the new basemap and apply to all new maps created on the page

To change the basemap for a single map on your page:

  1. Select the map you wish to change the basemap for
  2. Go to the basemaps icon and select the desired basemap

This should apply to only that map card. The rest will use the default basemap set up in your portal settings (unless you have individually changed it otherwise!). 

Hopefully this helps in the interim! We will consider your enhancement to allow individual users to change their desired default basemap within the app.


Kate !