Support for Absolute Elevation.

10-05-2021 10:08 AM
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As stated in the ArcGIS Indoor Viewer documentation it requires Relative Elevation for 3D.

Supporting Absolute Elevation in 3D scene will bring more flexibility and extra capabilities. In this way, we can use ground elevation surface and underground floors more realistically.


As far as I know it already does support absolute elevations. In the ArcGIS Indoors Information Model it has both  ELEVATION_ABSOLUTE and ELEVATION_RELATIVE fields.


Your actual geometry should also be possible to store in either absolute (z above sea level) or relative (z above ground). When you setup your 3D scene just choose the appropriate setting "At an absolute height" or "Relative to the ground".

Have you got a link to where it states relative elevations are required?


Your absolutely right. Data model contains both of them.

Everywhere in documentation they mention to use relative elevation

I thought as you thing and prepared my data with absolute elevation. At the and everything was fine except navigation in 3D view. Indoor viewer displays navigation path over the air as picture below.


I contacted Esri support for this. They told me to use relative height as stated in the documentation.


Hi @Suleyman-Arslan,

Thank you for the comment. 

The indoors features ELEVATION_RELATIVE values are actually the features geometry Z-values. The reason to use this value is that publishing multipatch layers is supported for features that are only at absolute elevation height from the geometry Z-values. If using ELEVATION_ABSOLUTE value instead to work with the Ground elevation surface, the Elevation properties of the layer need to be set to "Relative to the ground", which cannot work with the Scene Viewer (please refer to the this page)

In the scene screenshot you have included in the above comment, I suppose the features that appeared to be 'floating' in the air are caused by using ELEVATION_ABSOLUTE values with the "At an absolute height" elevation setting in ArcGIS Pro.

Thank you.





Hi @JunruChen,

Thank you for your answer,

In my case, All of my data geometry Z-values are Absolute Elevation and I created scene layers with Geometry Z-values. Even the Network dataset also created with absolute elevation as geometry z-values. I did not use Relative Elevation anywhere. Relative elevation is available as information only in attribute level.

When I test network analysis in ArcGIS Pro Everything well, the direction path display correctly over the floors. But when I publish scene and use in Indoors Viewer, Navigation result is as displayed on screenshot.

Am I missing somethings?





@Suleyman-Arslan If you open a support case and share your data, we can take a look at the underlying cause.


Hello @Will_Isley, Please check out Esri Case #02842013.