Shorten URL when creating a share link in the Indoor Viewer

10-08-2021 01:15 PM
Status: In Product Plan
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When using the Indoor Viewer, there is a Share option when a unit or POI is selected.  the URL that is provided is extremely long - 857 characters in a typical Share link.

Integrate a tool that would present a shortened link, something like


Status changed to: In Product Plan

Hi Michael,

This is already in our backlog. Thanks for posting.

Note: If you plan to create the share URL then it has several parameters and is cutomizable. All relevant parameters are included by default however you can check the Example URLs in the documentation for some ideas. The length could be reduced to only ~150 characters. Alternatively, if you just use it occasionally through the Share button and send it to someone via email or chat then you can add it as a hyperlink, if that helps for the time being.

The new share url will be much shorter.   

- Gaurav


Good to know you are are already working on the Share button in the Viewer.

Thanks for the info on creating my own link.    I can also go to and paste it in there to shorten it.   :)






The short share url will be made available for both Indoor Viewer and Indoors mobile apps. The mobile apps also support a customized share url to (smart) launch the app in case you plan to use it.

Yes, you can go to for occasional use : ) but I believe they charge you after a certain number of links if you are a frequent user. The hyperlink in email and chat would be ideal for someone in the community who cannot or does not want to use any external service.