Limit sharing of a plan to no higher than group level

10-08-2021 01:25 PM
Status: Open
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When creating a new plan in Space Planner, we are asked to choose between keeping our plan private or sharing with the entire organization.   

It would be much better to be able to share it with a group and not be able to share it with the organization.  It would also be more consistent with the configuration of the Space Planner application because  There is an option to "Restrict merging capabilities to authorized users only" in which you then select a group name.

If I choose to restrict merging capabilities to a group, I should also be able to restrict sharing on my plan to that same group.  Instead, I have to share with the entire organization or else other people in my space planning group cannot see it, but I do not want all the end users in my Org to also see the unfinished plans.




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@MichaelJenkins - The Indoors Product Team will be adding support to restrict access to Space Plans to specific groups in 2022; targeting the first half of 2022. The design will support sharing to a group of users that edit the plan and the ability to specify a different group of users that can only view/review the plan (but not edit). Thank you for the feedback.