Displaying Multidimensional Raster or a Time Enabled Layer in ArcGIS Online webmap/ webscene?

03-16-2021 10:54 AM
Status: Implemented
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Hello everyone. I was wondering how to bring in a Multidemensioanl Raster or a Time Enabled layer into Arcgis Online, similar to this Esri web layer  https://arcg.is/1jqLui  . My goal is to add my layer to a webmap. I have read through lots of documentation but can't seem to find what I am looking for. Can anyone help?


Just to be clear, what do you mean by a multi dimensional Raster?

Are you referring to a raster that shows elevations visually. Like Google Earth?

here is a basic tutorial that may work without having the proper extension


To get really detailed you may need 3D Analyst to create the 3D raster.




Hi @RobertBorchert ,

By Multidimensional Raster I mean a raster that has data that was  captured at data captured at multiple times or multiple depths or heights.  This page gives a nice explanation.




In my case I am trying to show water quality over a specific time period.



You may have to set it up with a time lapse page. 

Look for this in the living atlas

GLDAS Runoff 2000 - Present




A good example is oceanic data, Multiple variables at multiple depths at multiple times!

I am also interested in finding out about ways of displaying these within web applications - it seems like the ability to display time series is reasonably mature within ESRI, but I have been finding fewer examples where both depth AND time are displayed?

ArcGIS PRO can display and process voxels well, when is this toolset coming to apps and web scenes?

by Anonymous User

This idea has been implemented with the introduction of ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online at the June 2021 ArcGIS Online update. For more ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online demonstrations and resources, please see the this blog post. Thank you for submitting this idea, and please let us know your feedback. 

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