Deep learning Labelled objects missing urgent

03-15-2022 09:09 PM
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Hey all

Its been a very frustrating few days, so Ive been using acrgis pro's deep learning module to label objects with image classification. I make sure to save it every couple minutes and after every image Ive done. For some reason it keeps crashing constantly but im generally able to recover it since ive been saving it. But now when I load it up after the most recent crash the labelled objects file returns empty. Ive tried to look at the previous saves and nothing shows up there either. Is there any other way to try find the labelled objects?


Thanks in advance for any help

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The feature class is saved to the projects default  geodatabase  folder . You should be able to find it there. What is more concerning is that it keeps crashing . Can you elaborate where exactly you get the crashes. Thanks.

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