Classify Objects Using Deep Learning - error 003569

02-26-2024 02:05 PM
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to use the Classify Objects Using Deep Learning tool and I keep getting the 003569 error, which is basically saying I'm not giving it the correct model file type (dlpk or emd), but I have tried inputting both the dlpk and the emd file I got from training the model and it rejects it.

Has anyone dealt with this? I have gone through most posts here, on reddit, and stack exchange and can't find anything that has helped.

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So you have ruled out the "Related" links to the right of your question?

If so, then more information may be needed.

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It may be because you don't select the correct inference toolbox. Instead of choosing the "Classify Objects Using Deep Learning tool", you may need to choose the "Detect Objects Using Deep Learning tool". You build your model for object detection, but you infer your model for object classification. That's why it result in an error