Toggle Filter and Download for Organisational Data in Hub

06-10-2022 03:05 PM
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I've created a Data Catalogue, for my organisation, within Hub. The catalogue is nothing more that the content of our AGOL instance listing 250+ datasets.
I not only wanted spatial and non-spatial data users to be able to search for data and research information, but also download the single version of truth. For example; properties in a list of streets for a community consultation taken from our address gazetteer.

It would seem, within Hub, the Toggle Filter and Download options are only available if a dataset is flagged as "Public" (of course with export enabled too).

Does anyone have a work around for this as I want our data to be only shared with the organisation?

Seems a little "short-sighted" not to have the toggle option etc only available for any/all uses of the Hub.

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