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Layers content view page not consistent? Or bugged?

06-12-2024 06:20 PM
New Contributor II

For colleagues starting with GIS I've set up a webmap with interesting data used by our organisation. In the pop-ups, I am using links directing to hub content view pages to give them some more insight to the data (because more accessible than the item overview pages).

While adding the links to the pop-ups it occured to me that the build-up is not always the same:
Type 1: .../maps/[itemID]/about
Type 2: .../maps/[organisation]::[itemName]/about
Both types seem to be interchangeable, as also illustrated in an earlier post by @KristenWobbe1, answered by @ThomasHervey1 

However, for some items in my case, the content view page comes out incomplete looking bugged, or in worst case makes the browser stop working.
I have added a screenshot to clarify, most error giving items end up to look like this. Top of the page but thumbnail starting halfway, restarting just below and "details"etc missing.

If anyone else has experienced this and has an answer to resolve, I'd happy to learn about it.

Thank you! 

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