Image Links/URLs on Hub site breaking after time from ArcGIS content

12-01-2023 05:18 AM
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We're having a problem with image URLs - we uploaded some images incl our logo and a few images of pdfs onto our ArcGIS content so we could 'download' them again and getting working URLs to paste into our hub site, e.g. within the text card html or for the logo on the header (as we used custom html/css for our header).

Everything works for a certain amount of time, but then log on later and the links appear to be broken - have inserted an image along with this post. It seems to be random in terms of when it will disappear too. 

Has anyone come across this before? Or figured out a way to get url links from images in any other way, as we thought using esri's own content hub would've been the best way to go about this. 


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This could be a case of tokens expiring - the below is from the Hosting Images section of the Site Customization page:

If you host your images in ArcGIS Online, make sure you use an API call to get the item data (the direct link from the ArcGIS Online item page uses a token that will expire, and your image won't show on your page):<itemId>/data

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