Hub Login Button Confusion

08-01-2022 08:24 AM
New Contributor II

Is it possible in Hub to move the Login button? It seems to be creating a lot of confusion for our users who go to our public Hub site and then try to login, whether they have Esri creds or not. Over the past 4 months, we've had tracking enabled through Google Analytics and recently discovered that that button has been hit 300+ times, unnecessarily. 

Knowing that the login feature needs to exist somewhere to allow admins to modify their Hub site, can this feature be moved to a less obvious spot, like the footer? Another option could be allowing for editing the text of the button from 'Sign In' to 'Admin Login' or something.

There's concern that users won't use the Hub site if they think they need to log in. If we can't move/edit this feature, how have other Hub admins been mitigating this issue?

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