Embedding Instagram into ArcGIS Hub

02-22-2024 08:40 AM
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I'm wondering if anyone has successfully embedded an Instagram public page into ArcGIS Hub. It seems the link isn't accepted directly.

Has anyone encountered this and found a solution? Your insights would be greatly appreciated!

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Currently based on Esri's documentation only Facebook and Twitter support in Hub

Embed video, social media, and iframes—ArcGIS Hub | Documentation

Another untested solution is probably you need to create a simple HTML dan embed an Instagram post then use the HTML that you created to embed in Hub.

Hope, it helps you


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    • Identify the Instagram posts or content you want to embed into your ArcGIS Hub project. You might want to search for posts related to specific locations, events, or themes relevant to your mapping project.
  1. Obtain Instagram Embed Code:

    • Once you've found the Instagram content you want to include, obtain the embed code provided by Instagram for each post Instaup apk. To do this, navigate to the post on the Instagram website or app, click on the three dots (...) at the top right corner of the post, and select "Embed". Copy the embed code provided.
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