Did Hub change URL structure recently?

02-23-2024 02:40 PM
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We have several links to our content library in Hub that were pointing to 




But now they all return "Page Not Found" errors...I just found out that they changed some of the url structure? Instead of "explore" it is now "search" and instead of "query" its just "q".

Did things change? Was there a recent update?


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Yes, there have been changes in the new Search Experience. I posted a similar question and I am getting the similar results.


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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor


Based on the issue you're encountering with the "Page Not Found" errors and the URL structure changes, it sounds like there might be a need to ensure your items are correctly shared and accessible in your Hub's content library. Here's a workflow that could help resolve the issue:

  • Open your site in edit mode.
  • Navigate to the Content Library section.
  • Choose to "Add Existing Content" to your library.
  • Use the search and filter options to locate the specific items you want to add.
  • Select the relevant items and confirm by clicking "Save."
  • It might also be helpful to manually update the content in the library after adding new items, as updates can sometimes be delayed.


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