Change pie chart slice colors?

09-16-2021 10:50 AM
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I am creating a hub for aquatic barrier data, and I would like my pie chart to be color coded from green to red. Is it possible to change the pie slice colors within the chart?


Thank you!

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Hi Kathleen,

Yes it is possible.

  • Once you selected the chart on the page, change the "Chart Type" to JSON.
  • Near the end of the JSON code, you can add the styles tag and then the colors option with the various colours in hex code.
  • In the example below, you will see the addition I made starting at line 31 to line 41.
  • Don't forget to add a comma like I did at line 30 or you'll will get an error.



  "type": "pie",
  "datasets": [
      "url": "",
      "query": {
        "orderByFields": "Number_of_SUM DESC",
        "groupByFieldsForStatistics": "Type",
        "outStatistics": [
            "statisticType": "sum",
            "onStatisticField": "Number_of",
            "outStatisticFieldName": "Number_of_SUM"
  "series": [
      "category": {
        "field": "Type",
        "label": "Type"
      "value": {
        "field": "Number_of_SUM",
        "label": "Number of Students"
  /* Add in this style piece. You will want as many hex colours as items in your pie chart.  It colours the slices in the same order as they're listed */
  "style": {
    "colors": [



*Edited to add some more clarity

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