Can I redirect traffic from the ArcGIS Hub Site to another website?

11-09-2022 07:33 AM
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A client wants to use their existing Wordpress website as a portal to ArcGIS Hub project pages that already exist, and to simply link to online maps/apps from there in the future.

A number of people, including potential funders of their program, already have the ArcGIS Hub link. I see that redirects are now operational on ArcGIS Hub, but it seems to only allow one to point TO ArcGIS Hub, not AWAY form it. Am I reading this correctly? Or, is there a way to redirect traffic from "" to ""?

I'm not certain this is a good idea, but they want to try it out.

Any help is appreciated.

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Oh that's a good one....

Did the hub site already have a custom address? Something like

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The site has a name, and used the AGO Organization name in the domain URL.

I think that's pretty basic/standard.

Thanks for the quick response!


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