Ability to filter results on arcgis Hub Sites (using an "AND") function

12-05-2023 02:21 PM
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In setting up an ArcGIS Hub site (tied to an Open Data Site), when you select two categories, the current filter is an "OR" filter - e.g. "Administration" OR "Public Works" - this results in too many results coming back and so the list is not as useful as if we could filter using and "AND" query - e.g. "Administration" AND" Public Works".

I believe that users expect that as they click more categories, the list will get shorter, not longer.

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Esri Contributor

Thanks for the input @MarkGreninger . 

In our experience - we've heard both use cases when Selecting multiple facets (e.g. categories) 
1. match either of the options (OR)
2. match both of the options (AND) 

You're correct that right now the facets are implicitly "OR" (match either). What are your thoughts if we provide an option for users to change which combination is used. Meaning a user could say "for this facet I mean both (AND)". That could vary by each facet: 'water AND (category:environment AND category:hydrology) AND (tag:stream OR tag:river)'

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Thanks for the quick response Andrew.   In our case we would like to be able to pass the parameter to set it that way if possible - so on our Hub site (in our case Public Works) we can point to our data on the main open data site.  If we can set that parameter that would be great.