OpenData downloads not working

07-12-2021 03:07 PM
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1) Downloads sporadically take minutes to start or stall out 

2) Wrong item downloads. I click NWI and I get Buildings. Anyone else seeing this? This happened from when I uploaded a file geodatabase to AGOL with multiple datasets in it. I clicked one dataset, but got another. I repeated it a few times, same thing.


I an really enjoying creating Hubs though and looking forward to deploying Open Data to many different Orgs once we get a workflow ironed out and get this working. I like the overall look and feel, nice and focused.

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If you're having an issue or a question, I recommend that you post under Hub Questions where the community and Esri staff can try and offer solutions.

For now, I can try to troubleshoot. Is the FGDB public? Do you have an example that I can test with?


Thank you Thomas your solution for sharing Public allowed the items to show up in the Search. Now they are still just spinning, for downloading... they have been for a few minutes. I refreshed the page and tried again. 


This is a simple dataset, only three polygons. Now, if it turns out that it was just the first time it gets downloaded, it takes this long, the backend should be engineered to cache soon as the data gets uploaded. So it's ready for download. Unless that is how it is designed and there is something else I should do with the data?


Update: it finally downloaded. It took about 10 minutes to generate the cache, if that is what it was doing. I presume it doesn't do that until the first time someone downloads? It would optimal if it could start caching as soon as a hosted feature layer is created or perhaps added to OpenData.