Hide map in Open Data for tabular data

04-16-2021 09:30 AM
Status: Open
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On Open Data sites, give a configuration option to hide the map on the item download page for tabular data.  The map doesn't help the user in the case of a non-spatial dataset and it takes up a huge amount of space on mobile.


@JayJohnsonWashoeCounty ... Good idea.  I think it should be named the "Donner" option, giving users the ability to "eat" aka disable the for the non-spatial data sets.  🤣   


Probably would be better if it id'd if there was a shape field to start with and dropped the map automatically in those cases.  I'd be good in either case.


@JayJohnsonWashoeCounty With today's launch of our redesigned content, you should no longer see maps on tabular data. Learn more in our launch blog post.


Thanks @SamanthaHunter  - that is a definite improvement for tables.

I'm sure you've seen complaints many times regarding "update" dates on Open Data sites.  Is there a definitive guide to the difference between "Info Updated" and "Data Updated" (and any other dates shown on shared data layers in HUB) and what triggers these dates?  Or recommendations on best practices for Open Data sites to help our customers understand how current our data is? 

As an example, our parcels layer in Open Data shows a date from October 2019, when of course it is edited daily.



@JayJohnsonWashoeCounty Yes, this is something we are aware of and are working on documentation. Stay tuned!