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Currently, if content is shared to an Org from an on-premise ArcGIS Server service, downloads through Open Data do not work, unless the content is shared Public.  Someone at Support said the API is Portal when content is shared non-public and AGOL API when shared Public.


Idea: unify the APIs.  Allow downloads for non-public data, with content added to an Org as a service item from on-premise servers. This is vital for sharing data with Open Data. We want some layers to be city staff only but for them to be able to find and download them while logged in, and then the rest of the layers to be public.

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Hi Kevin,

To allow download private contents, you must enable Allow Export Data in the layer.

This setting can be changed on the item page Settings tab by checking the Allow others to export to different formats check box under Export Data.

Data download settings—ArcGIS Hub | Documentation

Use layers—Portal for ArcGIS | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise