ArcGIS Hub Events - Attend event button does not work for virtual or online Events

08-25-2021 11:04 AM
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Our organization recently created an Initiative on ArcGIS Hub to promote a zoning update project. One component was creating virtual online workshops that community members could attend to learn more about the project. The problem is that people get confused when try to launch the online event link from the event page on ArcGIS Hub. 

Illustration of problem with ArcGIS Hub event page design for launching online events.Illustration of problem with ArcGIS Hub event page design for launching online events.As you can see in the illustrated image, the most prominent action button or link on the event page is the Attend button. As noted in the Hub documentation (Create an event, Invite users to attend event) clicking this button performs many useful functions - allowing users to sign up for events emails, share it on social media, and add it to their calendar. These are all great for in-person events. However, it does not launch the URL for an online workshop, even though the word Attend implies that action which is misleading. 

On the upper-right corner, there is the direct online event URL and a "Launch" button, which does launch the event for users. From a user design perspective, this is far less obvious to the user. 

Please consider the following suggestions for improving the event page design for online events:

  • Change Attend button language to "Sign Up" or something less confusing
  • Making the social media share and "add to calendar" functions available without clicking the 
  • Moving the launch button and URL under the Attend button area so it's more prominent.
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Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thanks for the idea Andrew! A lot has changed in the world of events since we launched this feature so I think an exploration into better supporting virtual events is in order. We'll take it into consideration and let you know once we have some design ideas.