Add icons and units to summary statistic cards

11-29-2021 04:22 AM
Status: Open
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The Summary Statistic Card is great for sharing live progress of our initiatives, but currently they look a bit boring and don't stand out to site visitors.

We'd like to be able to add custom icons to the summary statistic card, and adds units if appropriate. It would also be useful if we could adjust the size, colour and font to make them more eye catching. 

How statistics cards currently look:



How we'd like them to look:


Making the statistics animated would also be a great enhancement and help draw attention.

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Thank you for your feedback. We are actively working on an update to our statistic card. It will be rolled out first as a manually configured card and then we'll be adding the dynamic data support that exists in our current statistic card. You'll be glad to hear we are intending to add support for icons, units, and some additional layout options to control styling. Keep an eye out early 2022 for its release.